Sweet Cinnamon Apple Sandwich

Sweet Cinnamon Apple Sandwich

Aprox: 350 Calories

Suggested Music To Listen to While Preparing: Something Twangy ( Think Lady Antebellum)

Tools: Cookie Sheet

You can’t go wrong with the natural sweetness of apples & cinnamon.

Fall is here!

Apples, spices and pumpkins are abundant in our homes as decor as well as in our cupboards just waiting to be used for some yummy comforting treat. Stay on track this fall and save your calories for that extra splash of gravy lurking just around the corner next month at that fab Thanksgiving Day Meal.


Simple Ingredients for a Simple Dish!

1 Apple (Dealers choice on the type – I chose Granny Smith)

1 Pita or Wrap (You can always fold the wrap over or just stuff a  pita. Again, dealers choice)




Deli Ham Slices

Powdered Sugar



Pre-Heat Oven to 350 degrees.

Spread a very thin layer of butter over your wrap on 1 side. Sprinkle with a tiny bit of cinnamon and splenda. Set on lightly greased baking sheet and aside.

Slice your chosen apple as thin as you can. Lay out the slices over the buttered wrap evenly and sprinkle with cinnamon and splenda. Apples have a naturally sweet taste so be cautious as to not over coat with either of these spices. Keep in mind there is already some on the wrap too. A little bit of cinnamon is all you need and splenda can be quite over powering when paired with apples.

Put in oven for no more than 3 minutes. Your goal is to soften the apples a bit and warm the wrap.

Here’s a photo to help you see what mine looked like at this point:

I can smell the cinnamon now!

Pull out of the oven and top with ham slices. Add as many as you wish and toss back into the oven for another 2 minutes. You want the ham to be warmed while still being able to fold your wrap over. If you are using a pita for this recipe I suggest filling it with all the ingredients and baking it together at once. Again maybe a max of 5 minutes.

Before eating, sprinkle with powdered sugar and feel free to dip in your favorite low-calorie dressing. (I chose ranch) Keep an eye on how much dressing you are allowing yourself and enjoy this guilt free lunch option!

*If you are having one of those days where cheese is the only thing you need in life, this would be a great opportunity to cheat a little. When adding ham to the wrap, try adding 1/2 a slice of swiss or provolone on top and melt with the last baking cycle.

Enjoy your fall season and remember to stay active! Keep it moving and keep cooking!

Chef Mallory

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