Simply Slenderizing Smoothie

This smoothie is packing some major Vitamin C!

Simply Slenderizing Smoothie

Aprox. Calories: 275 in the whole pitcher. 1 glass = 90 calories

Suggested Music to Listen to while Preparing: Reggae Island Beats (Think Bob Marley)

Tools: Blender


2 1/4 Cups Cubed Watermelon

1/2 Cup Water

2 TBS. Maple Syrup

2 Limes

1 Banana

Handful of Ice

Light Whipped Cream and Sprinkles (Don’t forget the straw!)

Before I made this smoothie I had never attempted to make a smoothie and it scared me. I was sure I was going to be in the classic whirling splashy blender mess all girls get into. At least on day-time TV commercials and chick flick movies. Safe to say though, this was simple and super easy. No smoothie on the walls or in my hair! Yay! Big girl points!

Directions: KEEP BLENDER UNPLUGGED. (Don’t be brave – it isn’t worth it) Open blender. Pour in watermelon cubes, maple syrup, a peeled and sliced banana, and juice from 2 squeezed limes. Add a handful of ice and the 1/2 cup of water.

Put lid on blender. Hit a button. Laugh at yourself for forgetting to plug it in. Go ahead and plug it in. Keep your hand on top of the blender and hit a button. I should probably specify which button is best but honestly, they all do the same thing. I plunked away at all of them until I thought my fruit finally turned into that wonderful smoothie look we all know and love.

Pour into cup and add light whip and sprinkles. Enjoy!

Typically this makes enough for 3 large glasses, or 1 full blender.

Having Trouble? The only snag I ran into occurred when I was using frozen pieces of fruit. If you have pre-sliced and diced frozen fruits and are making a smoothie they tend to collect at the base of the blender. Next time, try letting it thaw a bit longer. Otherwise add water or fruit juices to get it swirling. Try taking a spoon and mash the fruit to the bottom or stir it up a bit to get the ball rolling. Just be sure to unplug the blender when you do so. No spoon deaths = happy kitchen. Besides, your blender will never be able to forgive itself.

*Freezing fruit is a-OK. Once I made 1 smoothie it was hard not to make 800 more. Since fruit can go bad quickly I froze watermelon, pineapple, and pre-sliced bananas. Just be sure to allow a bit of thaw time before attempting to blend. Bananas will turn brown but it’s a natural reaction. It will still taste the same so don’t worry about it.


Chef Mallory


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