Trying Tofu

Trying Tofu

Aprox. Calories: Based on a 6-Cup Pot of Soup = Entire Pot = 220 cal. Aprox. per 1 cup serving 37 calories.

Suggested Music to Listen to while Preparing: Nora Jones

Tools: Big Soup Pot, Measuring Cup and Cutting Board                                                  

An affordable and quick soup mix you will love!

Ingredients: 6 Cups of Water

Chicken Bouillon Cubes

Frozen Peas


Salt & Pepper

Green Onion

Mushrooms (Optional)

Today is a rainy, relaxed, cozy, light a scented candle and catch up on your favorite TV shows on the blanket wrapped couch kind of day. It’s easy, relaxed, a bit and everyone in the house is snoozing and it’s perfect. Until you get hungry.

Today seemed like the perfect day to try using a package of tofu I purchased recently at the local grocery store. Truth be told I have been hoping for a day just like this to try a new soup recipe I thought about that I have mocked after a local chinese restaurant in my hometown called “sizzling rice soup”. I am craving it like mad.

I have taken the liberty of omitting the crunchy rice part to my particular recipe but this is a great soup to make your own. If you feel like adding corn, mushrooms, or carrots, be my guests. It’s a great opportunity to fill it with veggies you have been meaning to use or wish you had a use for. (Lima beans – I’m talking to you!) Your kitchen is your kitchen. Go crazy!

Smarty Pants Fun Facts: Tofu is made from soy beans and is high in calcium. Soy protein has also shown that in some cases it can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Directions: Fill large soup pot with water. Use your measuring cup to count how much water you fill into your pot. I used 6 cups. Begin to boil on high.

Add frozen peas so they begin to cook with the boil. Use as many as you like, their just peas. The more the better!

See your bouillon cubes jar and determine how many cubes you need to place into the water once it begins to boil. Here is what my directions told me:

I used 6 cups of water, so as directed I used 6 cubes.

As water is beginning to boil, begin to cut your tofu into squares. Place on cutting board and smoothly cut tofu into desired size. Cut as many as you would like to add to your soup. I added about 1 1/2-2 cups.

Chop your green onion and see if your soup has begun to boil yet. When my pot began to form small bubbles along the sides of the pot it indicated that it was about 3 minutes from the boiling point. Once boiling, I tossed in all 6 of the chicken bouillon cubes. Stir slowly. Once those dissolved, I added the tofu and green onion and lowered the heat to medium. Salt & Pepper to taste.

I took the next few minutes to clean up my kitchen and then turned the heat off, poured a bowl and went back to my relaxing mid-day comfy couch party. Proof you can be a couch potato without feeling like one. 🙂

Soup’s On!

-Chef Mallory

*You could always use chicken broth instead of the bouillon cubes. I tend to think that canned chicken broth is over-rated and tasteless. For me, it lacks in flavor and is costly. Try bouillon and see if it changes your mind too!

*Extra Tofu? Yea, me too. I saved mine in a Tupperware container and will be sure to google some new tofu recipes or chicken substitutes. Check your expiration date on the original packaging. Mine claimed to be good for another 3 weeks! Get creative and find some new recipes to share with your friends and me.Waste not 😉  Email them to!

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