An Amazing Asparagus & Bacon Side Dish

One of Many Simple Sunday Side Dishes…

Sundays are known for a good home cooked meal. Moms and Grandmas all around America plan it, prepare it, and dish it out week after week. For some, it is a mini version of a Thanksgiving feast. An aromatic roast with whipped mashed potatoes and corn, or a luscious rosemary chicken breast with homemade stuffing and drippy gravy….( brief pause here for your day dream bubble to pop you back into reality) and always sure to be complimented with a basket of warm rolls, butter and a dreamy dessert.

Sundays are also once a week. If this is your meal once a week, it can add up to several extra lbs. by the end of the year. Today I am sharing a simple way to sneak in some extra vegetables on your family table spread. My hope is that a creative new vegetable side dish will be an acceptable substitute for one of your less impressive choices such as the rolls, the potatoes, or other dinner time “filler carbs.” Save those for a special occasion or celebration – like Thanksgiving. 🙂

An Amazing Asparagus & Bacon Side Dish


1 Medium Bundle of Asparagus – Olive Oil – 2 Garlic Cloves (peeled and minced) – Parmesan Cheese – Bacon Bits

Music to Listen to While Preparing: Sincere Country Woman Artists Your Mom Used to Listen to such as Patty Loveless, Trisha Yearwood, Pam Tillis or The Judds.

Approximate Calories: A bit hard to judge on this one depending on how many cups of asparagus you use, as well as the amounts of parmesan & bacon bits you include. Rest assured, it’s better and more nutritious than the dinner rolls you were going to serve.

Tools: Spatula, Large Skillet, Cutting Board & Knife.


Rinse asparagus and cut off  roughly 1 inch of each asparagus’ end.

Lightly coat the skillet with olive oil and minced fresh garlic.

Turn heat onto medium and begin to chop asparagus into desirable pieces.

Once skillet is sizzling, place asparagus in and flip every so often until asparagus is at desirable texture. (I prefer a warm but crunchy inside.)

Turn to low heat and add a few bacon bits. Keep a light hand so that your bacon doesn’t become the star of the show. Once everything is warmed and you are pleased with the outcome, plate the asparagus and sprinkle with a bit of parmesan cheese. This adds a fun pop of color and aides in a nice presentation as well as taste.

Easy to make and even easier to eat!

The bacon & asparagus pairs well with red meat as shown here but also compliments many forms of poultry!

Cooking is meant to be creative and in many cases it can be challenging for some cooks to invent new easy-to-construct dishes that are worth your time, money & energy. I hope this simple and affordable side dish recipe inspires & challenges you to create a new “Sunday Side Dish” of your very own.

I am excited to hear how your family embraces the change of pace on the Sunday table and I look forward to hearing what new culinary ventures you try! After all, It’s always time to find a new favorite!

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To You & Yours! Be fit and be family!

-Chef Mallory

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