Fab Fish Tacos!

Fab Fish Tacos

The first time I had a fish taco I was far from home. I was in a southern restaurant and in a southern state of mind. My backdoor was surrounded by sycamore trees, my commute to work was along the Atlantic Ocean, and my boss had a twangy accent so deep you would have thought I worked alongside Paula Deen. I attribute all of my seafood desires to my exploration of both myself and my taste buds during my 1st stay in Myrtle Beach, SC. This dish has never left my mind – And I was someone who claimed to be a picky eater. Ha!

Once I returned home to the tundra…. errr I mean Michigan… I noticed there wasn’t one stinking place to get a fish taco! I had to improvise. Driving to South Carolina was out of the question. My friend was borrowing my car for the day.

For real though, no joke I HAD to have a fish taco. Like yesterday. So per usual, I checked my cupboards and make some kind of culinary miracle happen. I had a can of Tuna. That was all I needed and that was all it took.

I can already hear some of you shaking your head in shame like “really?? She’s using canned tuna??” but I was in Michigan and it was likely February. No bueno and No – leaving –housey. It always snowed massive amounts in Michigan that time of year so tuna was going to have to do. And it did do. It did a lot. The protein content was there and it was considered incredibly healthy.  Plus I was on a budget. Like most people, I am not the monopoly man. Am I right?? A girl’s gotta eat but she doesn’t need to go broke!

I totally understand and hope that for those of you who can afford it or have the ability to cook fish jump at the opportunity to sub tuna for grouper, tilapia or another form of fishy friend that will set as a light backdrop for the taste bud magic that is in every bite of this fish taco recipe. I would steer clear of stronger seafood such as Salmon. I will have more recipes for those later. Stay tuned….

The first thing I did was round up my ingredients. I have a suggested listing above but this is a dish that welcomes a bit of creativity in the kitchen. If you would like to top off your taco with cilantro, avocado and mango, Go for it. If you are feeling festive and want to add black beans, lettuce and corn, Do it. If jalapenos, onion and salsa are up your alley…take it there and TAKE PICTURES! I would love a memo though (seriously….email me your creations and I will share them with the class on the blog here. Type “Fish Taco” in the subject line and be sure to include your name.) eatlikearabbitrecipes@yahoo.com

Tasty and Totally Healthy!

Fab Fish Tacos 

 Music To Listen To While Preparing: Blue October

 Aprox. Calories: 455 Calories (Based my recipe below using 2 cans of Tuna and small 2 Corn Tortillas)

 Tools: Frying Pan, Can Opener, Spatula, Knife and Cutting Board

Ingredients: Corn Tortillas, 2 small cans or 1 large can of Tuna in water, Salt & Pepper,

Olive Oil or PAM, Saltine Crackers, 1 Lime & Eggs.

 Suggested Toppings: Diced Onions, Shredded Lettuce, 1/8 Cup of Corn, Hot Sauce & Salsa.



To get this fiesta flying off to the right start you need to cook that fish! For this recipe, I am using 2 cans of tuna.

****SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE THAT WILL WRECK YOUR DISH IF YOU DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THESE WORDS RIGHT HERE: Buy Tuna in WATER – NOT OIL! It will say which is which directly on the label. Oily fish is icky fish.   At least for this. Again, No Bueno.

 Empty cans in a bowl and crush in about 8 saltine crackers and 1 egg. Squish together. We want a consistency of moist without being sloppy, but binded without being dry. Make sense? You should be able to squish the tuna mix into a ball and have it stay together without crumbling but not so sticky that it gooshes egg juice out the sides of your hands.

If it’s too wet- add a few crackers.

If it’s clearly too dry – add an egg.

If it is only a little bit dry just add some water.

The goal is to have a tuna patty that holds together but is also still moist when we are done frying it.

Step Dos:

Turn your frying pan on low to medium heat and use olive oil or PAM spray to coat the base. You want to ensure your patties don’t stick to the pan.

Create as many patties as you can in any size you desire. If you have left over patties after your meal you can always save them. Keep in mind the thicker you make the patties, the longer it will take to cook. In most cases, you will have to cut them in half to fit into the taco anyhow. I would shoot for smaller portions.

Place into pan and begin to let simmer. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on top.

Step Tress:

While your tuna patties are cooking, turn your thoughts towards toppings. Decide what you will adorn these tasty tacos with and start boiling, dicing and preparing away. Be sure to flip and check on the patties every now and then. If you flip them a ton, they will begin to crumble. No need to manhandle them, just flip them lightly when it feels right and trust your gut. If the pan is making a lot of noise, turn the heat back a bit. Go with your gut. You will do fine.

Step Cuatro:

When the tuna patties are warm in the center, take them off the heat and place them individually on a paper towel lined plate. Squirt a lime above the cooked patties so that you can splash each of them with some fresh lime juice. This adds a mega amount of flavor and it could be the most important part of this meal. You should be excited. Let me see that happy dance….Whoop!! Whoop!!  🙂

Step Cinco:

Your final and most fun step is to (do it with me now … in game show announcer voice) MAKE-THAT-TACOOO!! And I will tell you what you have won…

You have won a Fab Fish Taco meal that is super healthy, hearty, fun to make and is easier than pie. Really. Have you made pie?? It’s not easy AT ALL! Especially if you tried to make anything with Meringue on a hot summers day. Forget about it.

I incorporated some ingredients listed in the beginning such as lettuce, onion, salsa and corn to give you a sample idea but go crazy with this. Culinary skills are another form of art so be yourself and do what feels right.

Caution: Do what feels right without doing the super bad. The super bad I am referring to is throwing a pool of sour cream or cheese on this thing. That could be enough to make me cry. I know you thought about it. The flavor is zingy and zesty and perfect. Adding a milky substance like sour cream will hide all of that lime juice explosion we splashed on. Any cheese you add is a waste. There will be so much “Bang!”,  “WoW!” & “Boom!” going on in your mouth that you won’t even be able to taste that stupid cheese. Doing so should be considered a sin. Plus it’s bad for you! You know better 🙂

Now get out of here with your bad self and make me proud!

Fiesta! Forever!

-Chef Mallory

Email or Instagram your fish taco creations or post a comment below! Let’s share the wealth!

Email: eatlikearabbitrecipes@yahoo.com

Instagram: eatlikearabbitrecipes


2 thoughts on “Fab Fish Tacos!

  1. Very easy recipe to create. I did not have any tinned mushrooms so utilized new, chopped mushrooms which I additional to your pasta about
    five minutes ahead of the conclusion from the
    cooking time, alongside some prawns I also included some sweetcorn to sneak in certain added veg for my teenaged son.
    He cherished it, as did the remainder of the spouse and children.

    I also made use of Gluten-free pasta and flour and soya milk and goat’s butter as I’m able to tolerate
    neither gluten nor cow-dairy. Everything tasted terrific!
    Many thanks for publishing the recipe.

  2. Thanks! What a great spin on the recipe I posted. I love your addition of prawns and the way you “snuck in” some extra nutritional value with the corn. Great way to get creative in the kitchen! I appreciate the feedback!!

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