Leafy Lettuce Wrap

Leafy Lettuce Wrap

When I began to focus on losing weight, the 1st thing I did was find ways to eat more greens and less carbs. I found that lettuce wraps were a perfect way to omit the bready bun and dodge myself of about 200-300 calories per sandwich. It’s an easy and practically effortless way to make a smarter choice. Instead of grabbing a bun, grab a lettuce leaf!

Music To Listen To While Preparing: Don Henley – Boys of Summer

Aprox. Calories: 300-350 Calories

 Ingredients: PAM, 2 Oranges, Honey, 2 Chicken Breasts, ½ TBSP. Peanut Butter, Lettuce, Chopped Peanuts, & Green Onion. Hot Sauce (optional)


Dice 2 chicken breasts and fry in a PAM coated skillet on low heat.

Drizzle with approximately 2 tsp. Honey

Cut the 2 Oranges in half & squeeze orange juices over the frying chicken breast & honey.

Toss a small mini handful of chopped peanuts into the pan as well. This gives your wrap filling a bit of extra texture & crunch.

Look out for seeds!

*Be cautious of seeds! Take a spoon and scoop out the ones that got a bit sneaky and hopped in the pan.

Turn up the heat to medium for juices and honey to simmer into the chicken breast.

When the juices are almost gone, add a ½ TBSP. of peanut butter into the pan. This will add flavor and mold the chicken together.

Take chicken out of the pan and adorn atop a lettuce leaf or two. Turn up the heat with hot sauce or crushed red pepper flakes if you wish. Additionally, note that a few strips of green onion adds a bit of color and spice for this dish!

A Fab Flavor Tip: Splash a bit more orange juice over the finished product!

WaH-LaH! – We have a wrap people! Welcome Fitocracy Friends, Instagram Followers, & WordPress Pals!

-Chef Mallory  

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