Creamy Country Chicken

Creamy Country Chicken

The Inspiration:  I have been away from my home in Michigan for a few months now. I packed up and moved 1,000 miles away from all of my family and friends in Feb. 2012. Now that the cooler fall temps are finally making it down to the south here in Myrtle Beach, I tend to get a bit homesick now and again. With Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays around the corner, it’s hard not to miss the farm. Or the food.

To me, home means food. Always has, and likely always will. My family believed in being present during weeknight dinners. One sister would set the table, the other would grab drinks and eventually everyone would be gathered around a dish cooked up by mom and we chatted about the days events and things that were happening in our lives. Now I can recognize these as “The good ‘ole days.”

Today I share this Creamy Country Chicken recipe for all of those who are far from home and paving their own road. Every now and again you need to be reminded of home. Especially if you can enjoy it for only 250 Calories!

 Creamy Country Chicken

Aprox. Calories: 250 a plate

A 250-Calorie dinner you can feel good about!

Music To Listen To While Preparing: Tim McGraw -Circa 1994

Ingredients: Chicken Breasts (1 per person), 1 small can of Cream of Chicken Soup, Fresh Garlic or Garlic Seasoning, PAM, Salt & Pepper, 2/3 cup Frozen Veggie Medley


1) Cut the chicken breasts into strips.

2) Begin to boil the frozen veggie medley. I used about 2/3 cup of veggies for my dish.

3) Place the chicken strips onto a PAM coated frying pan. Sprinkle salt & pepper and your garlic seasoning or fresh garlic cloves onto the chicken strips.

4) Let your chicken strips fry on medium heat until chicken is cooked “white” about half way through. Flip them and add a bit more seasoning. If your pan is getting too hot, turn the heat down and add a tad of Olive Oil to avoid burning or sticking.

5) Check your frozen veggies. If they have been boiling for about 4-5 minutes they should be cooked. Drain and set aside. Every piece on my inner country kid is telling me to add butter to the vegetables because it is basically second nature to me but it isn’t worth it in the long run. Once you add the garlic infused chicken and your cream sauce, the taste would over lap and the butter will be lost anyways. Don’t add the extra calories unless you can taste them – ya know?

6) Open the small can of cream of chicken and heat over the stove top in a small sauce pan on low-medium heat while your chicken is finishing cooking.  Do not add water! You only want to add water if you are making soup. We are not making soup today people. Stir occasionally so that nothing sticks to the bottom.

7) Check your chicken to ensure it has cooked completely. The centers should be white in the middle. Any signs of a pink coloration means you need to leave those chickies in the pan a little bit longer.

8) Spread veggies over the plates you will be dining on and add some of the warmed cream of chicken sauce. Be wary to only use a little and read up on how much constitutes a serving. This is a fun way to cheat because it is so easy to make but it can be easy to over-do it.

9) Place sliced chicken strips over the bed of creamy vegetables you created and top with more salt & pepper if you desire.

Want to make it crunch while you munch? Toss the chicken in a simple shake-n-bake mixture before placing them in your frying pan. It only really adds about 40-50 calories 🙂

Not a fan of using the can?  Ditch the cream of chicken soup and substitute chicken bullion cubes or chicken broth to create a splashy sauce for hearty flavor and fewer calories!

God Bless America & God Bless this Mess!

Enjoy this low-cal creamy country chicken with your family soon – share the stories here on our blog or on our facebook page!

-Chef Mallory

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