Key Lime Coconut Cups

Key Lime Coconut Cups

Aprox Calories: 215

Music To Listen To While Preparing: Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

Tools: Muffin Pan, Small Bowl

Ingredients: Key Lime Lite Yogurt, Light Whipped Cream, Sprinkles, 1 TBSP. Melted Butter, Cinnamon or Plain Graham Crackers, Coconut (optional).


1) Grab a small bowl and finely crunch 1/4 cup of graham cracker into it. Add 1 TBSP. melted butter and mix well with the crumble.

2) Once crumble holds shape, mold it into your muffin pan cups. I do not add PAM or any other non-stick agent because the butter in the crumble will fight any sticking problems for you. (This recipe allows for 1 cup to encourage portion control but if you are planning a party or entertaining guests, just up the ante on the butter and graham cracker so you have more crumble to work with.)

3) Spoon in 1/2 of the yogurt cup into your graham cracker shell.

Seriously simple!

4) Freeze 20 minutes.

5) Pop out of the freezer and gently pull shell out of muffin pan. If you can’t retrieve it using your fingers, try sliding a butter knife along the side of the shell until it comes loose. You can also dip the base of your muffin pan into warm water in your sink to break the freeze hold it has on your goodies.

6) Top with a bit of coconut flakes, sprinkles and whipped cream!

7) Grab a comfortable spot on your recliner, chair, or hammock and seriously self-indulge for 2 minutes. If you eat this treat standing up I will cry. This sweet reward is meant to be enjoyed.

Not so Crazy about Coconut or Key Lime? Mix it up! Grab your favorite yogurt and adorn it with your sweet tooth naughties!

This temptation is only 250 calories! (Vanilla Lite Yogurt, Whip, Fiber-One Brownie, Chocolate Drizzle and Graham cup!)

Vanilla Yogurt & Mandarin Oranges, Chocolate Whipped Yogurt & Caramel, Peaches and Whipped cream with Orange Zest, or Raspberry Yogurt with Granola, & Strawberry Drizzle. The filling is meant to be fun! Dress it up as you please!

Enjoy the taste of sweet success! Spoons up!

-Chef Mallory

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