Sun Kissed Orange Smoothie

Enough Vitamin C to make your body shine like the sun!

Sun Kissed Orange Smoothie

Aprox. Calories: 81 Calories Per Glass (Tends to make 3-4 glasses per recipe)

Music To Listen To While Preparing: 311

Tools: Blender, Fancy Glassware, Juicer, Spoon, Cutting Board & Knife

Ingredients: 1/3 Cup Ice, 4 Oranges, 1 Banana, 1/3 Cup Frozen Peaches, 1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple, & Lite Whipped Cream.


1) Get out your blender and fill with frozen peaches & pineapple. This will allow it to thaw a bit while you prep the orange juice. Leave blender unplugged!

2) Cut all 4 oranges into halves. Place 1 half over the juicer and twist and press all segments until juices are freshly squeezed. Repeat for each orange half.

3)Pour squeezed orange juice into the blender. Add 1/3 cups of ice.

4) Peel & slice banana and toss into the blender.

5) Plug in blender and blend, crush, frappe’, whip, puree or any other word your blender says 🙂

TIP: If your blender is getting stuck, unplug and use a spoon to fish ingredients away from the blades. Sometimes with all the frozen items it can be difficult for the pieces to make their way through the blades and back to the surface again. If it seems to be too thick and is happening often, add more orange juice or water to loosen the fruit.

6) Once your fruit smoothie looks “smoothie-ish”, pour or spoon a portion into your fancy glass. Whip it up on top and sip the sweet taste of a simplistic smoothie. No extra sugar added (besides the whip-but that was more for fun any how) and nothing weird. Just fruit and a little bit of can-do! Congrats- you are slurping your way to skinny already!

Cheers Smoothie Superstar!

-Chef Mallory


How do YOU whip it up?

Tag your best smoothie shots on Instagram – use @EatLikeARabbitRecipes or #EatLikeARabbitRecipes


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