Butternut Squash Ravioli

Butternut Squash Ravioli

A rich side dish or appetizer this holiday season!

Aprox. Calories: 300 -350 Calories (2 Squash Raviolis)

Suggested Music To Listen To While Preparing: Lily Allen

This recipe is broken down into 2 parts. The 1st part of this recipe calls for ravioli pasta while the 2nd is the actual filling & preparation of the squash and sauce for the raviolis.


Tools: Mixing Bowl, Large Pot, Spaghetti Spatula, Pizza Cutter, Cooking Sheet, Rolling Pin, & Measuring Cup.

Ingredients: Dash of Salt, 1 Egg, 1 Cup Flour, 3 TBSP. Skim Milk (Roughly)

Squash Filling & Sauce

Tools: Frying Pan, Cutting Board, Knife, Fork, & Cheese Grater.

Ingredients: ½ Cup Diced Squash, 1 TBSP. Grated Ginger Root, Pecans, Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Fresh Parmesan, Olive Oil, & Salt.


Step 1) Make ravioli dough. Using ingredients above, mix the eggs, milk, salt & flour together in a mixing bowl. Ravioli dough should be a stiff consistency that is no longer sticky but is not too dry. You will have to add small splashes of milk until you gain the right texture. If the dough continues to be too sticky you should add small handfuls of flour. Repeat as needed – only a little at a time.

Step 2) Roll out the ravioli dough using a rolling-pin. Be sure to gently coat the surface you are spreading the dough on as well as the rolling-pin with flour. This will ensure that the dough will not stick to the pin and rip or the countertop or other rolling surface.

Keep this egg noodle dough recipe handy for soup noodles and other pasta dishes too!

Step 3) Cut the dough into squares using the pizza cutter. A pizza cutter is your best friend in for this recipe! Using any other type of knife may cause pulling and can wreck the dough while you are cutting your squares. Set squares aside on a cookie sheet.

Step 4) Individually re-roll the ravioli squares you just cut. Now that you can manipulate each one, use the rolling-pin again (and maybe re-coat with more flour) to roll out the ravioli sheets as thin as possible without tearing. Once they are boiled, they expand and “poof”. This can come across as a doughy texture and would be best to roll into the thinnest sheets at this time instead. Set aside on cookie sheet again.

Step 5) Dice squash into tiny cubes.

Step 6) Pour a couple TBSP. of Olive Oil into a frying pan. Turn onto low heat and begin to sauté the diced squash.

Step 7) Grate ginger root over the top of the squash (about 1 TBSP.) also lightly sprinkle in a bit of brown sugar. Keep heat on low and let the mixture coat the squash. Stirring occasionally.

Step 8) Spoon out the diced cubes and set aside in a small bowl. Save the pan and set aside on a cold burner. Do not toss the remaining sauce out. We will use this as a base again in a moment.

Step 9) Grab the large pot and begin to boil water.

Step 10) Grab 2 pieces of ravioli from off of the cookie sheet. Try to pick pieces that are roughly the same size.  Place one ravioli sheet on a plate and fill with a bit of squash and fresh parmesan. Be cautious to avoid over filling them. This will cause ripping during the boiling process. Take the second ravioli sheet and place it over the top of the filling.

Step 11) Grab the fork and gently press the dough edges together. Be sure to stamp all 4 sides completely & securely so that the ingredients will remain intact inside the ravioli. Repeat as many times as you deem necessary.

 (Pretty Point: If you using these raviolis as an entertaining dish, feel free to match up the top and bottom edges with the pizza cutter again so the layers appear even.)

Step 12) Gently place raviolis individually in the spaghetti spatula and lower slowly into the pot of boiling water. It is important to keep a watchful eye on the raviolis in the event they may break or rip open. If this happens, just spoon out the contents and try again with the next ravioli. Try to “flash boil” the raviolis for roughly 45-60 seconds. Place on paper towel lined receiving plate and continue to boil until all of your squash raviolis. Lightly dust with salt.

Step 13) Once your desired amount of raviolis have been flash boiled, grab the frying pan with the remaining sauce that was used previously. Add more olive oil to coat the pan and proceed to place 2 or 3 squash raviolis into the pan. Turn onto medium heat.

If only pictures were scratch-n-sniff…

Step 15) Plate! Top with sauce, pecans from the pan mixture and additional fresh parmesan.

Plating Suggestion: I plated my squash ravioli on a bed of Carrot Puree which also incorporated grated ginger root. See that recipe here!


This may take a some time, but the flavor is out of this world! Not only do you gain the skills to make ravioli but you have also opened the door to many new party invites where this will be an epic hit! I enjoyed making this on a crispy Sunday afternoon but I enjoyed the mouth-watering pairing of maple and ginger alongside a comforting classic gourd even more. Worth the effort and worth the time!

Stuff this, THEN stuff your turkey!

 -Chef Mallory

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3 thoughts on “Butternut Squash Ravioli

  1. Thanks! I truly enjoy creating easy to make dishes! It’s fun to see what all the tastes & texture combinations are like. As far as the music, I HAVE to listen to some tunes to be creative. Italian food = Sinatra. Fried Chicken = Tim McGraw. You get the idea 🙂

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