Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan

Aprox. Calories: 175 Calories

3 Minute Chicken Parmesan!

Music to Listen to while Preparing: Michael Buble

Tools: Baking Dish

Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Italian Seasoning, (I prefer Mrs. Dash) Pizza Sauce or Marinara, Olive Oil, & Parmesan Cheese.

I really enjoy italian food! Sadly, it is also home to some of the worst dishes for us if we are trying to watch our waistlines. All the pasta, breads and cheeses can really wreck  all of your hard work. I love cooking italian food, smelling italian food, and tasting italian food! There is something magical about the bubbling, the boiling, and the aromatic smell of oregano and basil in the air. It gets me every time. For years it has even been my go-to meal to impress a man. Italian food is flavorful, fun, and romantic. What’s not to love??

The problem with most of these famous dishes for most of us lies in the caloric intake and the time invested to prep one of these fine meals. I combat this with my simple Chicken Parmesan. I substitute the bread and pasta for a vegetable side dish and keep the chicken baking to a simple “toss-it-in and step away” method. Takes me roughly 3 minutes to get dinner started and I don’t even have to skimp on the flavor!


Step 1) Pre-Heat Oven to 375 degrees. ( If the chicken is frozen -pre-heat to 400 degrees)

Step 2) Coat the base of the baking oven dish with a bit of olive oil or pam spray.

Step 3) Place your desired amount of chicken into the baking dish and lightly drizzle olive oil on top.

Step 4)  Sprinkle Italian Seasoning on the chicken breast and place the dish into the pre-heated oven.

Step 5) Bake chicken until thoroughly cooked. To check that it is done baking, slice the thickest part of the chicken breast and be sure the center is white – NO PINK!

Step 6) Top with a spoonful  of Pizza Sauce and a light dusting of Parmesan Cheese. Place back into the oven until parmesan has melted.

Step 7) Plate!

I like to serve this with a glass of red wine and an easy frozen vegetable dish such as green beans.

-Chef Mallory

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