Orange Coconut Salmon

Orange Coconut Salmon

Sweet & Simple Salmon Dish!

Aprox. Calories: 240 Calories

Tools: Frying Pan, Cover & Spatula.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper, Salmon Filet, 1 Large Orange, Coconut Flakes.

Music To Listen to While Preparing: Jack Johnson

Living by the ocean provides an array of different seafood dishes and seafood restaurants to eat them in. Since I am only on my way to being a millionaire, and am not quite jumping into a vault of coins like Scrooge McDuck yet , it is more than obvious that I need to improvise. Here is how to cook an amazing seafood dish at home using salmon…


Step 1) Drizzle in a bit of olive oil in the bottom of your frying pan and set to a low-medium heat. This is a dish that you do not want to rush. If the temp is too high in the frying pan your salmon can stick and rip and burn and just become plain ugly.

Step 2) Lay out the salmon filet and coat it in a good amount of salt & pepper to both sides. I want to suggest “heavy coating” but if I read that I would take it all too literally & I’d hate for you to over salt your dish. Plus I like to watch my salt intake. You can’t go wrong here, just add enough to make you happy. Since this will be a “sweet” dish, we do not need to go over board on the salt or pepper. Save that for making a simple salmon & lemon juice entrée. You can appreciate the seasoning better then.

Step 3) Place salmon into the frying pan.

Step 4) Cut orange in half.

Step 5) Scoop out a small handful of coconut flakes. (Aprox. 1/4 cup)I happened to have sugar-coated coconut flakes on hand from a previous dish I created.  Typically, I am not a fan of adding sugar  but it happened to work well for this recipe. I tend to find coconut flakes in the ethnic or baking aisle. Look high and low on the shelves, they can be tricky to spot.

Step 6) Check salmon. If the base of the salmon has changed from pink to white in color  about half way through the filet, it is time to flip. You want to avoid constant flipping to prevent breakage or crumbling so one or two flips will do. We want a pretty fish not an ugly one. 🙂

Step 7) Squirt 1 of your orange halves onto the sizzling filet. Top with some of the coconut flakes and cover.

Step 8) Once the coconut flakes have softened a bit and the filet is completely cooked you are ready to plate. I imagine this is about 5 minutes after you have covered your salmon.

Step 9) Take salmon filet out of the frying pan and lay it on a paper towel for a couple of seconds to collect excess oil. Then plate the filet onto your desired plate and squeeze your last orange half on the top  of the salmon for one more splash of sweetness!

Recommended Side! The natural sweetness of carrots pairs perfectly with our orange coconut salmon. Sprinkle a tiny bit of brown sugar on the carrots to add a bit of warm & sweet flavor.

 P.S.– Cooking for a hottie for the 1st time? Well take note guys….this is THE entree to impress any girl with 🙂 It’s healthy, easy to make, and flavors well with a nice white wine such as Pinot Grigio or Riesling.

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Fine dining from the sea and me to you!

Cheers- Chef Mallory


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