Sautéed Salmon Eggy

So …I rode my bike to the beach to jog for a few miles. And then it happened. Like it always does. Never fails… per usual- I got hungry. Not just “hmmm..I guess I could eat…” NO- rumbling from the deep depths of hungryville  (aka – my stomach).  I was STARVING! A hard workout calls for a well deserved post-workout meal. This is not the time to grab the 1st thing you see either. Why wreck all the progress from that workout? No reason to now folks…this is what I whipped up yesterday. Super quick & easy too!

Sautéed Salmon Eggy

This is packed full of protein & omega-3’s! Try this for a perfect post-workout meal!

Aprox. 280 Calories

Tools: 2 Frying Pans, Spatula, 1 Saucepan

Music to Listen to While Preparing: The Dirty Heads

Ingredients: Salmon Filet, ¾ cup of Frozen Spinach, ¼ cup of Corn, 1 Egg, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, PAM Spray, & Butter (optional).



1)Heat the spinach and corn in a saucepan. Add a bit of butter or olive oil if needed. Spinach is naturally very watery when frozen so you may not need any at all. No need to season this portion of our meal. There will be plenty of taste packed in the salmon & egg.

2)Fry your salmon in a bit of olive oil until thoroughly cooked. I like to sprinkle salt & pepper on both sides of the filet before frying. Flip your salmon once it has cooked half way through. Then flip again once it appears to be cooked completely. Over-flipping can cause crumbling & ripping.

3)Take the 2nd frying pan out and begin to fry the egg “sunny side up”. Use PAM to grease the frying pan first. Again, I like to add pepper or salt to my eggs. If you are watching your salt intake you can skip this if you would like. It just comes 2nd nature to me.

4) Once the salmon, egg, & spinach are all ready to eat, place the egg on top of the bed of spinach & corn. Lastly, adorn with the salmon filet.

5) Gently cut open your egg to allow the egg yolk to ooze into the bed of spinach & corn. This creates a wonderful sauce that truly brings the whole meal together.


Proving that eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore, this recipe will be a sure hit!

Crack that bad habit today!

-Chef Mallory

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