Tangy BBQ Wrap

Tangy BBQ Wrap

150 Calorie - BBQ Inspired Wrap

150 Calorie – BBQ Inspired Wrap

Aprox. Calories: 150 Calories

Music to Listen to While Preparing: Eli Young Band

Ingredients: BBQ Sauce, Diced Chicken Breast, Dill Pickle Coins, Salt & Pepper, Green Onion, Lettuce, Onion, & 1 Low-Calorie Wrap.

Tools: Spatula, Skillet, Knife, & Cutting Board.

If you like the McDonalds “McRib” then this bad boy is for you! According to Calorie Counter.com the “McRib” ranks in with a “D” score and is sized up at a whopping 450 calories! Of FAT!

Barf bucket please….

This alternative BBQ wrap is an easy & extremely healthy substitution to keep your belly full and your “ribs” lean.


1)Dice chicken breast & sauté in  PAM spray lined or non-stick frying skillet.

2)Mince 1 tsp. of onion and chop 1 strand of green onion.

3)Add  onion & green onion to chicken in skillet.

4)Shred a desired amount of lettuce for inside of the wrap. Set aside.

5)Place wrap on a plate & spread a thin layer of BBQ sauce on 1 side.

6) Top BBQ sauce with a few dill pickle coins.

7) Check on your chicken and flip or stir to avoid over cooking or sticking. Salt & pepper to taste.

8)Sprinkle lettuce onto the top of the pickles in the wrap you have started to create.

9) Once chicken has cooked thoroughly (NO PINK!) add aprox. 1 TBSP. of BBQ sauce into the skillet and toss the chicken into the sauce until well coated.

10) Layer the chicken over the lettuce and roll wrap into “wrap form.”

11) Cut in half and crunch on your new favorite food!

Optional Side Notes:

About the Onions….

Feel free to omit the onions! If you hate them, don’t use them! I have grown to love the taste of onion and once I realized the nutritional benefits I can’t help but use them in most of my cooking. Food-Healing-Power.com explains that Onions have been used for years in aiding various health problems. Good source of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin B1 & K. They also contain an amount of sulfur which is beneficial for your liver and antioxidants which encourage immune building. Onion consumption has shown to be a natural way to thin the blood, lower cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol (the good kind), fight asthma, and prevent certain cancers. Did I mention it tastes good??

Some like it HOT!

As always, I encourage anyone to “spice it up” in any fashion you prefer! I have the tingling sensation that a bit of heat would pair perfectly with this meal. Try adding jalepenos, hot sauce, or crushed red pepper to give this a jumpstart for your metabolism and tastebuds. Studies have shown that spicy foods burns boosts the metabolism. So why not? 🙂

Wrap your hands around this and many more recipes!

-Chef Mallory


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