Stuffed Peppers & Taquito Rolls

Stuffed Peppers & Taquito Rolls

Fiesta time for the whole family!

Fiesta time for the whole family!

Cinco de Mayo is on it’s way! This mexican celebration offers mega fiesta fun but can also offer mega-fat-carb loading and countless calories. Mexican food is epic. There is no doubt about that. The cheeses, the crunchy chips, the salty margaritas….Eat all of this and more and you will be looking at a whole lot more of well…YOU!

Nothing is worse than celebrating one day and then spending a week with nothing to celebrate about when you step on the scale.

This year, skip the chips & try this recipe for stuffed bell peppers.

I offer one of countless variations that you can try with this foodie concept. Make it your own by adding any type of spices, vegetables, or protein. Stuffed bell peppers are quick, easy, and surprisingly filling. If you wish to make it vegetarian, just omit the chicken and replace with tofu or more veggies. I also have included a simple recipe for a crunchy taquito side to pair with your new-found favorite mexican dish.

Stuffed Peppers and Taquito Rolls

Music to Listen To While Preparing: Jennifer  LO-Pez! 🙂

Aprox. Calories: (1 Bell Pepper & 1 Taquito Roll) 240 Calories

 Ingredients: Garlic Powder, Salt, Pepper, Rice, Shredded Cheese, Cauliflower, Corn, Hot Sauce, 1 Large Bell Pepper per person, Corn Tortillas, Green Onion, Chicken, Taco Seasoning.


1) Dice Chicken into small cubes and cook in a small skillet. Sprinkle taco seasoning over the cooking chicken to add the perfect flavor.

2) Boil or (eeeek-microwave) your rice. Set aside.

3)Boil your frozen or fresh cauliflower & corn until cooked.

4) Strain rice and vegetables and add hot sauce, salt, pepper, & a dash of garlic salt. Add a tiny bit of shredded cheese if you desire. Keep the calorie count in mind!

5) Cut the tops off of your chosen peppers and scrape out the seed & “pulp” from inside.

6)Make sure the oven is on to 375 degrees (oops) and pre-grease your baking sheet.

7)Fill the corn tortillas with a bit of the rice & vegetable mix you just prepared. Be sure to leave some for the peppers! Top with more hot sauce if you desire. Place onto the greased baking sheet.

8)Stuff the peppers! Any order will do but be sure to include your veggies & rice, and chicken.

9) Place the peppers and taquitos into the oven and bake until the peppers soften a bit and the taquito shells stiffen. For my oven it was roughly 7 minutes.

10) When cooked thoroughly, serve and pass the hot sauce!  Hey- some like it hot right??

Fiesta & Fit Forever!

-Chef Mallory


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