Tropical Tilapia

Tropical Tilapia


Approximate Calories:

260 Calories

Music to Listen to While Preparing: 

In the spirit of my “1st time for everything energy I had while preparing this dish, I encourage you to listen to an artist or genre you have never listened to before.


1 Tilapia Filet and desired seasoning

1/4 cup Pineapple Chunks

A sprinkle of Coconut Flakes

1/2 of 1 Granny Smith Apple, Diced

1 Segmented Clementine

Lime and Lemon Slices


Prepare fruit salad 1st. Dice apple, and pineapples and set aside. Add a sprinkle of coconut flakes and toss all fruit into a bowl. Chill in the refrigerator while your fish is cooking.


Slice some lemon and lime wedges to add extra flavor when the fish is prepared.


Use a non-stick pan or spray or olive oil to prevent the tilapia from sticking. Place your seasoned tilapia into the pan gently and let simmer on a medium heat.


Warning: Do not “over flip” or your fish will crumble. Cooking on a temperature that is too high can also burn and dry the fish rapidly. Slow and steady wins the race here.


Once the tilapia begins to show a “golden brown” color on the base of the filet, flip gently and allow to complete cooking.


Prepare a plate with your chilled fruits and squeeze lemon or lime juice onto the filet that is in the pan.  (If you wish, you can allow your diners to do this for themselves – up to you!)


Once tilapia shows signs of light golden brown on both sides, place your filets onto the fruit medley bed.


Adorn lime and lemon slices for color, flavor, and presentation.


Chefs Note: I tried this dish warmed the 1st time I created it and although it was delightful, I found it needed that extra texture and “crunch” that the apples provide when the fruit salad was left chilled.

Mix it up! Why not try to mix up the use of fruits you decide to use? Take a photo of your Tropical Tilapia and post on instagram using the #EatLikeARabbitRecipes

I hope this flavorful tilapia recipe offers a tropical getaway for your state of mind and taste buds ….

Take Life by the Taste Buds! – Chef Mallory!

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