Meet Chef Mallory!

Meet the Chef! Hear the story…

“Life is waiting. Let’s do this together!”

I am an average 27-year-old girl who has created this food blog to encourage, motivate, and assist others in their weight loss success by offering easy, affordable & healthy recipes that anyone can make at home. I am not a nutritionist, a vegetarian, a fitness guru or a culinary expert; but what I am is a fat girl. Completely, totally 100% fat girl. Just only on the inside now.

Weighing in at almost 200 lbs. I decided to get my life together. Like anyone, I took advice from friends, read self-help books and attempted crash diets but nothing was working. It wasn’t until I learned to trick my taste buds (and attempt to work out) that the weight began to melt away like butter. Now I’ve held a steady 130-135 lbs. for 2 years and I have a passion to share my favorite tips, tricks and recipes with those who need them the most. YOU! Life is waiting – Let’s do this together!

Moment of Truth:
Finally, it happened. I had just taken a shower and looked in the mirror. I mean really looked. All over. I stepped on my scale and the horrific number of 180 appeared. I was only 1 dog food bag away from being 200 pounds??? I was in total shock. I was so disappointed in myself that I made a vow to fix it. All of it. To get it in order and do it NOW.

The Problem:
I love food. All of it. I’m pretty sure I was Garfield the cat in a previous life. That is my downfall. My kryptonite. Food. Healthy eating habits were obsolete as I was growing up and I never had a huge interest in wanting to know how food effects your body or why. Like I said I am a fat girl. I want the biggest piece of chocolate cake. I want to eat that whole friggin’ pizza. And it showed. In the form of an almost 200 lb and growing girl.

The Solution:
EAT! What else could I do? There was no way that I was going to be the girl who counted every calorie and only ate baby carrots after 2PM. Boring. The only solution was to continue to eat the things I liked in the healthiest way I could possibly think of. I began as such a picky eater and to be honest I am amazed at some of the foods I eat now. I also had no idea how to cook. That was a bit more of a trial and error experience but all in all, that was kind of the fun part.

Tricking your taste buds is all it really takes. To me, that is the biggest secret there is to losing weight. For instance, if you are craving a pizza, re-create something similar to curb that craving. Maybe a baked chicken breast covered in pizza sauce. If the crust is more along the lines of what you’re typically hankering for then perhaps try a low-calorie pita bread baked with Italian seasoning and crumbled parmesan. Whatever it is you are craving I guarantee there is a healthier alternative out there. That’s where I come in.

Now A Days:
I still love food. But now I also love to cook and work out! I am not saying you will fall madly in love with the kitchen and be the next Olympics athlete or anything but what I am saying is that beginning to make healthier and smarter choices in the foods that I was putting into my body made me happy. It gave me more energy and I found myself smiling a lot more. I found that there is so much more to life to see and do and try than going out to eat every lunch hour or winding down in front of the TV with ice cream and chips each night. Eating healthier gave me many gifts. One being the new-found love of cooking. Another gift was my surprising ability to inspiring others that saw my transformation from big girl to my healthier current size. Finally, my most cherished gift was the passion for a better and more meaningful life. And how to maintain adding years through healthier eating habits instead of taking them away. All the struggles in the beginning to change my habits were worth it. The benefits are priceless.

I am so thankful for the wisdom that I gained along the way and I hope that some of my tips, tricks and recipes will give you the confidence to know that it’s not so scary, it’s not so hard and it’s kind of fun. This site just kicked off and may be small at the moment but rest assured the site will grow more each day so check back often or like the Facebook page to receive updates on when new posts are loaded. I would love to hear or see any of your weight loss success stories, as well as any questions about the site or recipe feedback.

Feel free to email me anytime at

This is for those who need to be inspired, need self-confidence, and inner happiness with who they are and to promote change while being comfortable in your own skin. The mission is simple- happiness! The way is through healthier food choices.

This is for those of you who have no idea how to even begin. It’s also for the ones who know that deep down they want more out of life. This is for everyone who needs to be inspired, needs self-confidence, and inner happiness with who you are and how to be comfortable in your own skin again. I’ve been there too – Let’s do this together!

Good Luck and Good Choices!

Chef Mallory

Instagram: eatlikearabbitrecipes


4 thoughts on “Meet Chef Mallory!

  1. The name of your blog is so cute! My boyfriend always jokes with me about how I eat rabbit food, because I snack on a lot of nuts and love trail mix. too funny!

    keep up the good work on the blog and i’ll be sure to continue checking out your recipes!

  2. That would be epic-Thank You! Share it with your friends – it’s so great to feel like I’ve already helped inspire so many people! 🙂 I used to own a rabbit and I was constantly feeding her my cooking scraps such as lettuce & carrots!

  3. Hiya! I came across your insta – it’s soooo cool! I love your recipes 🙂 Totally my kind of recipes. I hope to hear more from you soon and be inspired!

    Kyra ❤

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